As a communications provider, we provide our customers with the business communication tools and materials they need to succeed.

  • Planning

    The first step in producing paper media, websites, logos, and corporate identity (CI) images is identifying a concept. And the key factor in coming up with a concept is an in-depth interview with the customer. The interview, involving multiple meetings, will help identify needs and issues. Promotion planning, design, and writing, all is based on the resulting concept.

  • Creative

    We handle the production of catalogs, pamphlets, and flyers, as well as packages, cards, calendars, logos, and mascots. We also handle photographing and photo retouching. We shape the expression of the content based on the concept established, organize the materials needed to create the content as drafts, and handle all creative work, up to and including visual design.

  • Workflow

    We manage all design content produced during the creative stage in electronic form. To facilitate collaborative efforts not just internally but between us and the customer, we upload text, images, and other content, as well as data on progress and galleys, to a networked site where customers can view the work in progress. We also guide the customer through asset management, remote proofreading, a web-based manuscript submission system, and so forth.

  • Print production

    We produce printed materials using the optimal printer for a given purpose. For example, we choose to use a rotary press for large-volume printing, a sheet-fed press where quality and speed is of the essence, or a digital printer like the HP Indigo 12000. We also handle tasks like surface finishing, binding, cutting, and laser processing in house. For media, in addition to coated paper and matte paper, we print on fine paper, cards, cardboard, book paper, Yupo paper, and PET, to name just a few.

  • Marketing

    For companies and organizations, marketing is essential to creating a market where they can communicate with potential customers to understand the needs met by a product or service, through fair competition. But responding to increasingly diversified needs requires working from direct marketing principles: the right media, the right timing, the right offer. We'll help you navigate and grasp quantitative data, qualitative surveys, and other important data and harness the latest in marketing technologies.

  • Digital content

    We live in an era in which content is prestocked in databases and extracted and formatted for delivery to customers in ways that meets their needs. We can meet the full range of current needs, ranging from traditional ink-on-paper printing to creating websites, digital catalogs, videos, and other content. Our services also include photo retouching and image modifications. We propose solutions that leverage the respective advantages of both paper and digital formats.

  • Logistics/distribution

    Finished printed materials can be delivered in a wide range of ways, whether palletized or in small shipments. Our warehousing system, including semi-automated racks, ensures storage of printed materials under safe, secure conditions. We draw on years of experience with sorting, packing, and picking printed materials to deliver the quantities ordered to the designated locations in an exact manner. We also draw on innovative distribution and inventory management methods to suggest and provide solutions that reduce cost.